I am on H-1B and getting married in a few months and don't want to burden my parents with money. Can I get a loan in the U.S.?


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    This is a fairly common situation with a lot of H-1B visa holders. Many students who finished school in the U.S. are now getting settled with their stable jobs and their parents want to get them married. The cost of a wedding is not small. It is a significant burden for both the bride and groom.

    A lot of times, both the bride and groom are based in the U.S., meet at their work locations and decide to get married with their respective family's permission. Not many people have enough savings to finance the wedding on their own (especially Indian weddings). A loan for wedding helps ease the financial pressure for parents and if the kids can get the funds on their own, it makes their parents' lives a lot easier.

    We, at Stilt, have helped a lot of these borrowers who are denied access to loans for weddings by credit unions, banks, and other lenders. One bank told our borrower that they'd give him a loan at 20% and asked to not trust anyone else who gives a loan online. This is not right and we are helping these people with reasonably priced loans. The same borrower was able to get a loan at 13% for a larger amount and with a better term than a bank.

    Now, you don't have to compromise between a great wedding of your dreams and a high-interest loan or breaking the bank.

    The way to apply for a loan for a wedding is a simple process - you can sign up online, complete an application, apply for a loan, and you'll hear back from us with a decision in less than 24 hours.

    There may be some other eligibility criteria in terms of validity of credit but most borrowers are able to secure a loan at an interest rate they deserve. A loan for a wedding is one of the best types of loans as it brings you closer to a stable future with your life partner and a lifetime of happiness.

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