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    Stilt Team

    The answer depends on your skills, abilities, and market demand.

    If you are already in the US and searching for a new job then it might be faster. It is said that you can join a new employer once you receive a receipt from USCIS; this way you would not need to wait for approval. But it is unsure how safe it is because of the RFE on your new petition. If USCIS unleashes premium processing then it wouldn't take more than two weeks.

    As of late, the H1 transfer is seen as a hurdle due to premium processing suspension. It is suggested that you start with your job search as soon as possible since it can take up to about 6 months to find a new employer who would be willing to sponsor you. Once premium processing is lifted, it might make your life easier. In the past, one could submit an application for premium processing and could receive an answer within 15 days.

    Without premium processing, it could be anywhere between 8 and 26 weeks.

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