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    Getting a loan pre-approved should not be reported to any credit rating agency, so it should not impact your credit.

    Your credit score is based on the amount of the theoretical credit you have available that you can use up. There is a calculated amount of credit you can comfortably handle, depending on your income. This is then compared with the actual amount of credit you are using. The less of this available credit you use, the better your credit score.

    A pre-approved loan does not use any credit, however, it does show that you intend to take on debt. Some credit rating agencies might include this pre-approved amount as an actual loan if they become cognizant of it.

    It is recommended that you do not get pre-approved for a loan unless you will actually take out the loan. If it occurs that you get a pre-approval but you do not want to take the loan, then let your lender know and ask him to ensure that the pre-approval won't be reported to a credit agency.

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