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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    Non-US citizens are eligible for financing services like auto loan. To apply for an auto loan, the same requirements are needed: credit score, bank account, personal identification, physical address, visa status and contact information. Many banks and private lenders depend heavily on your credit score. It determines a person's creditworthiness. If you are a new non-US citizen and don't have a good credit history and score, you may need to have a co-signer or provide a collateral to be approved for a car loan.

    However, there are lenders, like STILT, who helps non-US citizens like J-1, F-1, OPT, O-1, L-1, H-1, and TN visa holders get a car loan even with a bad credit or limited credit history. The application process is completely online, fast and easy. You don't need an SSN or a cosigner to get approved for the loan. The process for a car loan application is like this:

    • Sign up
    • Create an account
    • Complete profile
    • Apply for a loan
    • If approved, upload your documents for verification
    • Get the loan amount in your account in 1 business day

    Loans from STILT have interest rates starting 7.99% and can help you build credit score to avail more loan products in the US.


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