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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    H-4 is a type of non-immigrant visa to the US for the spouse and children of H-1B visa holders. Individuals holding an H-4 visa can stay inside the US as long as the H-1B visa is valid. They can also travel in and out of the US as long as the H4 visa is still valid. H-4 children can retain the visa status until they are 21 years old. H-4 visa holders can live and study in the US but they can't get employment. The only way H-4 visa holders can work and earn money is to get an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), which only H-4 spouses can get.

    EAD allows H-4 visa holders to work in the US for a period of two years, which can be renewed for as long as the H-4 visa is valid. H-4 visa holders with EAD can get any type of job for any employer or build a business in the US. In order to get EAD, H-4 visa holders should send an application to the USCIS and wait for the approval.

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