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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    TN visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa to the US for Mexican and Canadian working professionals. TN visa holders are eligible to apply for loans, financing products, and credit cards just like other non-immigrants.They are also allowed to build credit scores to get approved for these loans, the same way as other people living in the US.

    The first thing to do is to get a secured credit card. Being a new non-immigrant in the US, it will be difficult to apply at first for credit cards and loans because you don't have enough credit score yet. However, banks may be able to give you a secured credit card even without credit score because it needs a deposit before you can use it. With a secured credit card, your profile will be noticed by the credit bureaus and you will have a credit score.

    Another way to start building credit is by asking someone for you to be their credit card's authorized user. In doing so, you and the owner will both earn credits when you use the credit card. Lastly, you can start building credit by getting a personal loan from private lenders that help new non-immigrants in the US particularly, like STILT. It gives out loans even without a cosigner and collateral. Plus, you can get the approval within 24 hours.

    Once you have started building credit, you can increase it by getting your own unsecured credit card and utilizing it, getting different types of loan and paying them on time, and building a long credit history.

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