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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    Banks and private lenders don't approve loan applications all the time. Sometimes, they reject applications due to reasons such as low credit score, insufficient monthly income, or lack of savings. Cosigners can help borrowers be approved for the loan. When a someone co-signs for a loan, it essentially means that he is willing to pay when the borrowers fail to do. This looks good in the eyes of the lenders because when they give out loan, they are taking a big risk that the borrowers many not pay for what they owe. By having a cosigner, the risk will be minimized and the lenders will be more keen to approve a loan application.

    When finding a cosigner, make sure to get someone with good to excellent credit score. It will not only help your loan to be approved, but also increase your chance to have a lower interest rate. Also, find someone who trust you, because cosigning is also a risky business. Ideal  cosigners are your parents, family members, and relatives.

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