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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    As a new immigrant in the US, the best credit card for you is probably the easiest once to get. You don't have enough credit yet to qualify for better credit cards, so will have to make do with the one that you can easily get, which is Discover IT. Almost everyone, including non-immigrants in the US like H-1B, O-1, O-2, L-1, TN, F-1 and OPT holders can be approved for it. They ask little requirements, which include SSN, bank statement, proof of address, your passport, and visa proof. They give out good enough credit for new professionals in the US, which is around $1000 to $2000. Plus, Discover IT has great referral bonus and cash-back offers.

    Utilize well your Discover IT card so you can build up a good credit score, which will help you get more and better credit cards. Aside from credit cards, you should know that you can also get financing help like personal loans from some lenders in the US. There are private lenders, like STILT, that help new non-immigrants despite not having enough credit. Contact the company to get personal loans with easy application, no collateral and no co-signer needed.

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