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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    New H-1B visa holders should know that credit score is very important for people living in the US because it will enable access to many loan products and credit cards. One of the factors that affect a person’s credit score is credit history.

    Credit history is the record of your loans and borrowings from the beginning. The longer credit history that you have, the better chances you will have in any loan application. A long credit history means many lenders have trusted you in the past, which will look good on your loan applications.

    However, you need to build more than just a long credit history. You also need to build a good credit history. This means you were a good borrower in all your loans. You were able to pay on time and pay off your loans completely. It also means there are no negative marks on your credit report, whether erroneous or true. Build a long and good credit history and you will be able to get good loan products in the US.

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