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    Maneet Anand

    I would say Credit Card!

    Well! it would be an exaggeration to claim that it is built solely to build good credit score, considering how useful it can be otherwise; but it's the most practical and easiest way to build credit score.

    Here's how to go about using credit cards to build a good credit score-

    1. Apply and get approved for a credit card.
    2. Establish an on-time payment history by always paying bills on or before their due dates.
    3. Don’t get close to maxing out your credit limit. Pay off your debts each month to keep a low credit-utilization ratio.
    4. Don’t apply for more credit than you need.

    Build credit by becoming an authorized user on someone else’s card, or with a credit-builder loan or secured credit card. Then pay on time and keep credit use low.

    Hope that helps!

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