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    Maneet Anand

    Yes! Since your husband has bad credit, it's a good idea to use your own credit score to apply for a loan, provided you have-

    1. stable income for 2 years or more
    2. attractive credit history, i.e., a high credit score and few mishaps
    3. low debt-to-income ratio as the less debt you have the better it is
    4. a down payment of minimum of 3.5%, but more is better (for mortgage)

    However, if you lack in any of the above mentioned points, you'll find it difficult to qualify for the loan on your own.

    Another option can be to apply for a joint loan. If your low-credit-score spouse makes a high income, there is a chance his or her income would improve your DTI ratio and thus increase your likelihood of obtaining a loan despite the low credit score.

    However, if you apply for a mortgage on your own, you solely carry the burden of that mortgage obligation. If you default you alone have liability, this can be a positive or negative depending on your perspective.

    Hope that helps!

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