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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    No, there is no limit to the L-1 visas that the USCIS is issuing each year. This is an advantage of L-1 visa over H-1B visa, which has a cap per fiscal year. In 2015 and 2016, US admitted more than 70,000 L-1 visa holders each year plus more than 80,000 L-2 dependents. Part of this number is the increase in the number of new investors that built new businesses in the US using the L-1A visa.  However, despite this huge number of approvals, there is a larger number of L-1 visa rejection. In particular, there is a huge number of L-1B rejections per year because it is very difficult to prove that an intracompany transferee has specialized knowledge. Another reason for these rejections is incomplete documents submitted in applications. The USCIS is making sure that no fraudulent applications can get through the strict application process for the L-1 visa.

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