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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    Yes, F-1 visa holders with OPT can start an online business. Actually, all F-1 visa holders are not really prevented from starting any type of business in the US, whether online or not. F-1 students are only forbidden to engage in businesses and receive salaries or income.

    Optional Practical Training, however, lets F-1 visa students engage in businesses but only if the businesses are related to their majors. If you can convince the USCIS and school officials that the online business you are building is related to your major, then you are good. The only thing you need to do after is to get the required business licenses.

    If you get lucky enough to be permitted to build an online business, it will only last for a year because that is the duration of OPT’s validity. After that, you must acquire another visa to continue managing your business in the US.

    Note: This is not a legal advice.

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