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    The most common documents required to transfer the visa are:

    • Copy of your visa stamp
    • Copy of your most recent H1B visa approval notice (Form I-797) and all previous approval notices
    • Copy of your University Degree
    • Resume
    • Copy of your Social Security Number and all the pages of your Passport
    • Copy of I-94 records
    • About 3 months of pay stubs (but 2 or 3 might be fine)
    • W2’s and tax returns, if required

    Just to clarify this is not a new application. This is for someone who already has an H-1B and they are switching jobs to a new employer. The employer files on behalf of the employee and you'll probably send all these documents to the company's lawyer.

    The company where you currently work at will not know that you are transferring the visa and it won't cause any problems in your current job.

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