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    Stilt Team

    This is a constant debate and with President Trump making it difficult for H-1B visa holders to stay and continue working in the U.S., we are bound to feel angry at this.

    The administration is trying to serve themselves and appealing to masses. President Trump’s knowledge is so limited in most issues that he won’t even know anything about this.

    H-1B visa holders have so many restrictions in addition to paying higher taxes for which they won’t receive the benefits. We work harder than the average American, pay higher taxes, contribute more to the society and still don’t reap the benefits of this.

    H-1B visa holders should have a clear path to getting benefits of Medicaid and Social Security even if they go back to their home countries. The US doesn’t have an agreement with India to prevent double taxation with respect to Social Security taxes and it won’t happen anytime in the near future.

    We are just stuck in this situation where an administration hostile to high skilled H-1B visa holders only want to take the money and not make other appropriate changes in return.

    I’m hoping this negative view towards H-1B visa holders would stop soon.

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