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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    A personal loan is an unsecured, short to a medium-termed loan with no collateral, which you can use for any personal financial reasons. Personal loan tenure is much shorter than a mortgage loan, usually ranging from one to five years in duration. Unlike mortgage loans, there is no need to present collaterals with personal loans. In return, personal loans tend to have higher interest rates. Common reasons for personal loan applications include medical emergencies, travel funding, or purchasing assets.

    The personal loan requirements for an O-1 visa holder is the same for all other immigrants and non-immigrants in the U.S.A. The requirements include but not limited to the following:

    • Age from 21 -58 years old
    • Proof of income (Pay slips and W-2 Form)
    • Bank Statement
    • Proof of Identification (SSN, Visa, Passport)
    • Contact Information (Permanent Address, phone number, email address)

    For immigrants and non-immigrants like H-1, O-1, L-1, -1 and TN visa holders who need financing with limited or no credit history, STILT is providing low-interest personal loans with no collateral. 

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