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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    Personal loan is different from other types of loan in terms of the purpose of getting the loan. It is non-specific, unlike car loans that can only be used to purchase vehicles, home loans that can only be used to purchase propertied, or education loans that can only be used to any education related expenditures. On the other hand, personal loans can be applied for travels, home renovations, purchase of appliances, wedding expenses, or any other personal needs. This type of loan is usually just short-term in duration and does not require a collateral unlike other types of loan. It is also easier to apply for and has faster processing time.

    You can also apply for a personal loan with limited or no credit history, unlike other loan that require applicants to have long credit history and good credit score. One of the best personal loan providers in the US for non-immigrants like O-1,L-1, H-1B, H-4, F-1, OPT and TN visa holders is STILT. The company is legally operating in 13 states, including California, Texas, Florida, New York and Arizona.

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