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    Maneet Anand

    An F1 student with OPT work permit may find it hard to get a personal loan without credit in the U.S.; as firstly he does not have any credit history there, secondly he is on F1 visa with OPT work permit which is only valid for an year for most students, making him a temporary resident in America with uncertainty regarding his future in the country. Also, an F1 student may not have a collateral or consignor in the US. Hence, he is quite a risk for most lenders. 

    However, don't lose heart!

    At Stilt, we specialize in providing personal loans to F1 students and other non-US citizens, taking in to account the fact that most F1 students do not have access to a collateral or a consignor in the US; offering affordable cosigner free loans especially for non-immigrants.

    Hence, an F1 student with OPT can apply online for a personal loan at Stilt by filling an online application.

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