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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    The taxes that every H-1B visa holder in California needs to pay are determined by the salary and cannot be lessened. The US tax code is very strict on all individuals earning money while staying or living in the country. That is why H-1B visa holders are not any different from US Citizens and Permanent Residents in terms of paying taxes. They have to pay the same State tax in California. They have to pay as well for Medicare, which is 1.45% of the salary, and Social Security taxes which is 6.2%. Aside from those, H-1B visa holders need to pay Federal Income Tax, which is the same rate range as the citizens (10%-39.6%).

    All of these taxes should be taken in consideration when negotiation for your salary during a job application. However, despite the requirement to pay SSN and Medicare taxes, H-1B visa holders will not be eligible for the benefits until they get the green card or citizenship.

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