Whom should I list as my credit reference on my rental application if I have no credit?


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    Stilt Team (Edited )

    A credit reference is an individual or a document by an individual that can attest to your creditworthiness (mostly required in cases when you don't have enough credit history). 

    Landlords generally ask for credit references from immigrants or international students who want to rent an apartment without a credit history

    Since you don’t have credit cards or any other form of lending/credit, you can friends, family members, colleagues etc as credit references. In some cases, your bank may also be a good option. All these options are fairly acceptable for a credit reference.

    The other types of credit references:

    - Credit report: Sometimes, your credit report is also considered as a credit reference depending on who you ask. Some landlords may just want to look at that before they make a final decision to rent you the apartment.

    - Letter of support: This is a letter given to you by someone who has good credit. They are providing you financial support and can also attest to your creditworthiness.

    - Phone bills and other credit products: If you have a phone plan that you pay for every month, that can be a credit reference and help you prove creditworthiness to your landlord.

    - Bank letter: If you have a bank account with sufficient funds, a detailed statement from your checking account can be used as a credit reference.

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