How can I get a Virtual Credit/Debit Card with the US billing that can be loaded with money instantly, if I live outside the US?


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    Stilt Team

    There are different requirements for U.S. debit and credit cards.

    Debit cards are easier to get because credit cards require SSN and a credit check in most cases (unless you apply for a secured card - which anyways won’t suit your purpose).

    But you need a US address in both cases. This will be required by all companies since they need to comply with BSA/AML regulations. That’s why Usunlocked and entropay ask for a U.S. address. Money Laundering and Banking Security is taken very seriously in the U.S. and companies need to comply with strict regulations.

    If you have a trusted friend/relative in the U.S., you can try to become an authorized user on their card. This is one of the ways to have a card on your name.

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