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    Building a credit history in the U.S. is important and takes time. The easiest way to build credit history is get small credit initially and build it up from there.

    The first step is to get her an SSN. This is a part of getting her on the grid so her credit history could be built. Any credit related service will use SSN to pull her credit history.

    Now, there are a few ways your wife can build history and get a good credit score:

    1. Apply for a secured credit card - This is an easy and a straightforward option. You go to a bank and give them a deposit to give you a card. The limit of the card will equal to the deposit amount. This can help her get started.
    2. Apply for a credit builder loan - There are some companies out there that can help you with a credit builder loan. The idea is to deposit money for a loan that you pay back to the company over time and they report the loan to the credit bureau. This loan can help in starting a credit history.
    3. Get a co-signer - You can act as a cosigner for a credit card and that can help get access to credit.
    4. Become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card - You can also make her an authorized user on one of your credit cards. She will still need to go through a credit check and credit card companies will ask for SSN.

    Doing the above will help your wife build a credit history faster (you can’t do a lot about length of credit).

    Here are some more tips on how she can build a good credit score - What is a credit score and how can a new international student get a good credit score?

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