I am on H1B working as a software developer in the US. What are the legal ways I can make extra money?


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    Stilt Team

    If you are currently on H-1B visa, you can earn in any case where you are not actively working for earning money. Active work may be driving for Uber, running a company, holding multiple jobs, consulting work, moonlighting etc.

    What you can do is get your money to work for you:

    1. P2P lending: There are many websites where you can invest as little as $25 in lending notes. There are no minimums, but you can start with $5,000 and grow as you gain confidence.
    2. Invest in a business: If you don’t like investing in stocks, you may also not like investing in startups. But with new regulations, you can invest as small as $100 in startups and if any of them go big, you can make a handsome return.
    3. Participate in competitions: If you are really good at programming, gaming or some other skill, you can participate in competitions and if you win, that income is considered “passive income”. Make sure to read that the competition explicitly doesn’t ban foreign nationals.
    4. File for patents: If you work at a large tech company, you can make extra money by filing for patents. Companies like Google pay employees extra to file patents and solve pending problems. This can be another way to make extra money.

    These are just some of the ways though which you can make money while on H-1B. Not to mention that there are other ways too, but you’ll pretty quickly get on a slippery slope.

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