If I use 2200 out of 2500 credit limit (totaled from 2 new 0% APR cards) immediately after receiving the cards, will they screw me and raise the APR?


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    Stilt Team

    Don’t worry. You are safe until you keep making regular minimum or higher payments. If you miss even one payment on either of the cards, it may have a bad impact that can be hard to reverse. One of the side effects could be that you lose your 0% APR promotional offer.

    Having a high credit utilization won’t screw you right away. It will screw you over time if you keep utilization high. The suggested rate of utilization is <= 30%. This is based on your total credit limit. You can choose to pay down higher APR card first with higher than monthly minimums and keep minimum payments for the lower APR cards.

    They most likely cannot increase your APR for using amounts up to your credit limit.

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