What can I do to preserve my credit score if I am leaving the country for a few years?


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    Stilt Team (Edited )

    You can keep your score close to what it is right now with very little effort. Credit score is not a number that goes up or down significantly if you go about your life and don’t make mistakes. When you are traveling abroad for a few years, you just don’t want to make a mistake and forget about it.

    Make sure all your credit cards are paid including Macys, JC Penny, and all other retail cards. These cards sometimes tend to be the reason for delinquency and defaults. They affect credit score in the same way your regular credit cards.

    Not using credit cards:

    Your credit score will not vary significantly over 4 years if you just use the cards infrequently and make monthly payments. It is a misnomer that if you have a low credit utilization, you will get dinged for it. A small use of cards over your stay abroad should you help you keep and grow your credit score.

    Hope this helps.

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