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    Edmundo Daco Jr.

    As a TN visa holder, you can buy stocks in the US and you can also trade stocks occasionally. However, you cannot do it on a regular basis, whether as full-time or part-time source of income. As a TN visa holder, you are only allowed to work full-time with the company which sponsored your visa. Stocks trading either full-time or part-time will be classified as a job, which is illegal.

    If you want to continue your stocks trading in the US, then don't make it a daily routine. Else, you might risk losing your TN visa. You can purchase as many stocks as you like and earn dividends from them, but you can not use it as an active source of income. Aside from purchasing stocks, you can also invest in small businesses in the US while on TN visa, and also earn dividends from them. However, you can not engage with the business any more than being an investor.

    Note: This is not a legal advice.

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